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for even more effective results.

At Solution Fly, we believe that marketing at every level throughout the consumer journey will enhance your competitive edge and increase sales for your brands. Marketing focused on the consumer’s “last mile” provides excellent opportunities to reach the actual hands-on decision makers at the local level by influencing their decision to choose your brand at the point-of-purchase. This is our way of helping you make the most of your valuable resources in pursuit of the best possible and most profitable outcome.

Our innovation Local Marketing Solution strategies effectively close the gap between consumer interest and your brand’s potential. These proven methods are the result of our extensive experience and well-developed local retail network connections
under B52, Thailand’s leading local business network platform.

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Innovative marketing solutions designed
to engage upcountry consumers.
Solution Fly’s unique local store network solutions will assist you in 3 significant ways
  • Performance Media Solution

    Effective media solutions designed specifically to increase sales. Solution Fly targets ads through extensive sales channels tailored to enhance your brand's appeal.
  • Channel Marketing Solution

    Powerful marketing solutions at every point-of-sale Solution Fly offers extraordinary nationwide sales opportunities through our broad range of highly productive activities, both online and offline.
  • Marketing Communication Solution

    Sound solutions through cutting-edge creativity. Solution Fly provides your brand with the latest sales innovations to achieve the most impactful marketing communication activities imaginable.
Empowered network
Solution Fly’s professional partners deliver impressive reach nationwide.
Your brand image and messages will reach more than 5 million consumers nationwide each day.

0Large retail stores

0Small to medium size
stores nationwide.

why choose us
Bold marketing tools are essential in today’s
competitive marketing environment
Your brand reach expands via TJD [TanJai D] and business partner network platforms
direct contact with your brand’s target customers than ever before
Solution Fly targets brand messages with our precise insight about consumer behavior
Solution Fly offers the utmost customized solutions to obtain set marketing objectives
Solution Fly has the expertise to make optimal use of operating budgets
direct and
Brand messages ensured to reach consumers and retail outlets quickly and effectively
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